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InterVoip is a program that uses technology to bring free voice communications
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InterVoip is an application that allows you to make “Voice over IP” calls to other users and phone numbers around the world.
InterVoIP is a free tool, though you will be charged for your “IP to Phone” calls with different rates depending on the country you are calling to – the final price of the call will be very similar to the cost of making a long-distance call from your home phone. Unlike other Internet phone services with fixed rates regardless of where you are calling, with InterVoIP the price of the phone call will vary depending on the destination country.

The application itself is very professional-looking and has a great tabbed interface – that is, if you can forgive the bright pink pattern in all windows. It also allows you to communicate with other InterVoip users.

It seems to be pretty much like Skype - the only difference is that you do not have video capabilities in InterVoip. Also, the rates for each country are more expensive than the ones you get in applications like Skype. However, the quality of the phone calls is good, and the application does not require a powerful computer to run. If you want to try new VoIP software, then you can give InterVoIP a try. However, it may cost you a bit more.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Lets you call to any phone number
  • Peer-to-peer VoIP


  • Rates are not fixed
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